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CHOGM Diary 2011, The Round Table, The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, December 2011.

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Pakistan 2011, The Round Table, The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, December 2011


Pakistan has been in the forefront of foreign policy debate for decades, at times condemned as a failing or failed state, also as a 'terrorist' state. As the country faces continuing pressure from the fallout of the war in Afghanistan as well as deepening internal strife, this article gives an overview of Pakistan's problems, highlighting growing anti-Western sentiment and emphasising the importance of institutional stability, as well as a resolution of 'the Kashmir issue'.

The tangle of issues hindering a solution for Jammu-Kashmir, Global: The International Briefing, Fourth quarter 2011.

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The unending war: Afghanistan 1979-present, Military Times, May 2011

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Roses in the Dust, Traveller, Winter 2010/2011

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Hidden Beauty: Bandi Amir, Afghanistan. Traveller , Winter 2010.

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'The beauty of Kashmir as I observed.' The Nation, London, 24 September 2009 

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Longing for Lamu,Traveller, Summer 2009

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Letter from Bamian , 2 Sept 2008.

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Kashmiri separatism & Pakistan in the current global environment

Contemporary South Asia, The Cohesion and Stability of Pakistan, March 2008, produced by The Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU), Bradford. 


The theme of this paper is to review the extent to which, in the post-9/11 environment, it became difficult for Pakistan to continue its covert support of the Kashmiri separatist movement at the same time as assisting the United States and its allies in the global 'War on Terror'. The paper will explain the origins of Pakistan's support and also examine the potential that the dispute between India and Pakistan over the state of Jammu and Kashmir still has to act as a de-stabilising factor in Pakistan and the region. The argument is that the Kashmir issue no longer has the same explosive characteristics it had 20 years or even 10 years ago, and that a genuine attempt has been made by the Pakistan government to curtail cross-border terrorism - although it has not been entirely successful, mainly because the militant groups have succeeded in establishing a momentum of their own. Yet, even after 60 years, there remains a general reluctance to let go of the Kashmir issue without some tangible political gain.


Who will take on the Bhutto family mantle?

Daily Telegraph, 30 December 2007.

"With my faith in God, I put my fate in the hands of my people," wrote Benazir Bhutto in a postscript to her updated autobiography penned just before her return to Pakistan two months ago.


A great and brave friend

Daily Telegraph, 28 December 2007.

When I said goodbye to Benazir Bhutto two months ago just after she had survived a bomb attack she said she would "catch me later". I was returning to England after accompanying her on her return journey to Karachi and those were the last words she said to my face. To me, they epitomised our friendship which had started 33 years ago, when we were students at Oxford.


'When the bomb went off'. A personal account

Daily Telegraph, 21 October 2007.

It was just after midnight. I was sitting dozing on the top deck of the open air armoured truck bearing Benazir Bhutto on her triumphal return to Pakistan. The bus was making its slow progress from Karachi’s international airport to the Jinnah mausoleum.


Beauty beyond the barbed wire [Kashmir]

Daily Telegraph, 1 October 2005.

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We will take decisions in accordance with Pakistan’s dictates, [Interview: President Musharraf]

Sunday Telegraph, 20 June 2004.


Father of the Islamic bomb barters papers for his future, [A.Q.Khan], with Massoud Ansari

Sunday Telegraph, 15 February 2004.


Scientist who sold atomic secrets ‘can keep his money’ [A.Q. Khan], with David Wastell

Sunday Telegraph, 8 February 2004.


Bolly good!

The Hill, June 2002


The sad face of Kashmir

Dawn, Karachi,  24 May 2002


Analysis: Kashmir separatists at crossroads

11 May 2002, [linked to article]


Wagah border

April 2002,

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Afghanistan: Holy or Unholy War?

Review article, Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, February 2002

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Pakistan: Benign Dictatorship? [General Musharraf]

Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs,  February 2002

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Their lives in his hands [Michael Holroyd]

The Hill, March 2002

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Kashmir’s forgotten plebiscite

17 January 2002, [linked to article]


Kashmir: the origins of the dispute

16 January 2002, [linked to article]


Gluck, gluck, glug [Malcolm Gluck]

North-West, April 2001


Enemies unite in Pakistan to oust generals

Sunday Telegraph, 29 October 2000.


Survivor! [Benazir Bhutto]

Verve, India,  2000


Spices of life [Josceline Dimbleby]

The Green, October 2000

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In Again, Out In [Pakistan and the Commonwealth]

30 June 2000, Dawn, Karachi

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Pakistan: the multi-faced challenge

19 February 2000, Dawn, Karachi 

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Kashmir Today, Tomorrow? 

Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, October 1997


Snakes and Ladders

The Telegraph, Calcutta, 10 November 1996

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The end of a dream [Benazir Bhutto has again been dismissed as Prime Minister]

The Times,  6 November 1996


Kashmir prays for paradise restored

FT Weekend,  May 14, May 15 1994

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The World in 1492

History Today, May 1992, pp. 24-29

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Conductor of the peaceful revolution.[Kurt Masur]

The Independent, 19 September 1990


Reformation by light of candles [Wittenberg]

Weekend FT,1 /2 September 1990

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Silent death that leaves questions unanswered [Creuzfeldt-Jacob disease]

The Independent, 3 April 1990


The ‘victory’ for women that turned to ashes, [The French Revolution]

The Financial Times, 28 October 1989


Diary of a Nightmare [Pakistan in 1979]

The Independent, 3 April 1989


The making of the daughter of Pakistan

The Independent, 21 November 1988.


Henry Moore in Spain

BBC World Service, Talks and Features, 21 May 1981

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Bhutto: the divided judgement

The Spectator, 10 February 1979

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Bhutto Prepares to Die

The Spectator, 31 March 1979


Bhutto: The Final Act

The Spectator, 7 April 1979

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Homeland Strategy

Journal of the RUSI, 1977


South Africa Today

Blackwoods Magazine,  January 1977

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